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What Are the Benefits of Painting by Numbers?

Whether or not people realize it, they’ve probably developed their own strategies for coping with stress throughout their lives. Maybe it involves taking a trip to the batting cages to release some pent-up energy, or going for a walk in the woods to quiet their restless mind. Art is another calming, stress-relieving activity, but one many people forget about as they head into adulthood.

If someone wasn’t “good” at art in school, it may not even occur to them to try their hand at it again as an adult. But there’s a key difference: Now no one is being graded, there are no assignments, and, most importantly, the idea is to help people manage stress—not create it. There are many different types of art therapy to explore, so it may take some trial-and-error before finding one that truly helps with relaxation.

For some people, paint-by-number kits offer the meditative, relaxing escape they need. Yes, the same paint-by-number kits many people may have received as a present as a child, where there is a black-and-white drawing on a piece of paper or canvas, with each section marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color. This gives people the opportunity to take advantage of the calming aspects of painting, without having the stress of having to come up with a design, or how to color it.

Paint-by-number kits can be an effective stress management tool for people of any age—particularly if they deal with anxiety (though it may be a little advanced for toddlers). When purchasing a paint-by-number kit, there are several things to keep in mind, like whether you’d rather paint larger areas or smaller details, and the kind of paint included with the kit.

Here, the best paint-by-number kits to help you shed some stress.

Post time: 04-20-2021